02/01/2010 - Family Gathering - Sg. Congkak


Salam and greetings,

This is the official post for the Family Day planned for 2010. We have had a meeting last week regarding the theme, concept and food. The outing is mainly created for alpharians and CAL members who only get to know each other from the forum and have never met face to face. We want to create a bond and good relationships between members who share the same hobby. Furthermore, not only that, those with family can also meet up and get to know other family members.

As for the food, we have decided with the fee charged, we are going for breakfast and BBQ. During the meeting, we have appointed Mr. pangaitpangait, who has really done a good job in preparing the checklist for the outing. Mr. pangaitpangait will be assisted by two other fellow alpharians, imzar69 and feruztopia (hope it's ok with you guys)

We are still looking for some volunteers for the outing. If you are interested in lending a hand, kindly pm pangaitpangait or me.. :)

Here are the details:

Date: 02/01/2010
Time: 08.00pm - 02.00pm / BBQ will be starting at 11.00am.
Place: Sg. Congkak
Fee: RM20.00 per adult / RM10.00 per child

The last day for registering your name is on the 26th of December, 2009. Kindly made the payment together during registering. Payment details will be posted here in 1-2 days..

Any other queries, kindly notify me or pangaitpangait, or any other CAL exco members.. :)


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