CAL Sg. Congkak BBQ Outing - 02/01/2010


The first outing that took place in Sg. Congkak on 02.01.2010. As for this outing, it's not only for the members, but they are free to bring along their family members to the outing. Thanks to all those who attended the outing. Thanks for the support and a special thanks to Mr. Pangait and his team for their planning and effort to make this possible. We will plan more of this type of outing in the future..

The group photo taken that day (abam shahrulz takda, jadi drebar time ni..)

Part 1

Part II


Kelab Penyokong Tegar said...


I want to joint CAL but I cant register to the bcos the site error..can u inform the admin of the site.thanks

en_me said...

chantekknyerr gambar.. ehehe

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