HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 to all CAL and alphanatics members. For the past three months, so many things have been done in CAL. Without the support of the members, it might not be possible. Up to today, we have almost 100 registered members.

What do we expect from Sony this year?

1. Sony Alpha Convention (as scheduled last year, it was postponed to an unknown dates, some said that it will be on thins year. Hopefully it will happen, this is by far the most awaited event for Sony Alpha users).

2. Sony Outing - As for last year, there are four outings arranged by Sony and Advanced Images. Hopefully we will see the outing by Sony this year.

What do CAL have in mind for 2010?

1. More outings! Hahaha.. Well, what else there is. We have highlighted some outing for members, which not only includes photography, but other recreational activities. So, keep an eye for this as we will have the plan soon.

2. New t-shirt design - Hopefully we can get the design ready by end of the month. New design might be a round neck t-shirt as we have come out with a collar shirt in 2009.

Well, hopefully it will be a good year for CAL. Happy New Year 2010 to all members..


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