Central Alpha Legion (CAL) 2010 First TT


Salam and greetings,

We welcome 2010 with new hopes, plans and visions.. Thanks to those who attended the TT and gave their support to CAL. Welcoming the newly appointed exco members to CAL. hope we can work together and make 2010 a good year for CAL. Here is the Minutes of the first TT Meeting

Minutes of Meeting
Central Alpha Legion (CAL) TT 01/10

Date : 15 Jan 2010
Time : 9.00pm
Location : Restoran Kg. Pandan


1) Stockie -Advisor
2) Kamarulamir -President
3) Rafizal -Vice President
4) Pangaitpangait -Secretary
5) Pikiez -Communication Exco
6) RaplaJingga -Activity Exco
7) Black -Activity Exco
8) Din210 -Public Relation Exco
9) Yuslers -Welfare Exco
10) A. Pai. Pai. Jilo -Welfare Exco
11) Hazleeazrin
12) Din210
13) Lie82
14) One
15) Dingenius3
16) Lanj
17) Sharkand85
18) Ketuakelas
19) Aqiera
20) Manna
21) Syamsul
22) Craziqbal
23) Ironhorse
24) Orionpax
25) dexShino
26) Mahzan
27) Lapanbare
28) Dakjawa
29) Adamraufz
30) Realcheraz
31) Vxecturbo

1. Vice Presidents Opening Remarks
a. Mr. Kamarul as the 2009 vice president makes his opening remarks and thanked everyone for attending the 1st C.A.L TT Session for 2010.
b. Proposed agenda are as follows (and agreed by all members) :-
i. Self Introduction by all members
ii. Selection of new committee for 2010
iii. Discussion about CAL activities for 2010
iv. Racun and Sembang2 session

2. Self Introduction by all members
a. Every member introduced themselves by giving their Name, Alphanatics nick and other related info.

3. Selection of New Committee for 2010.
a. Selection of new committee has been headed by Mr. Stockie as a C.A.L honorable advisor and members has agreed on the new committee as follows:-
i. Advisor - Stockie
ii. President -Kamarulamir
iii. Vice President -Rafizal
iv. Treasury -Hitman
v. Secretary -PangaitPangait
vi. Communication Exco
vii. Activity Exco
viii. Public Relation Exco
ix. Welfare Exco
-A. Pai. Pai. Jilo

4. Discussion about CAL activities for 2010

a. Monthly outing focusing on how to master your DSLR and each functions. it will cover the aspect of camera settings, equipment, techniques etc. We will have a theme for each outing and it will include a critic session at the end.

b. Two big events proposed for CAL members apart of the outing. It will be handled by professionals and planned for middle and end of the year.

c. Other related outings similar to Sg. Congkak.

5. Racun and Sembang2 session
a. Siapa2 yang dah kena racun tu bolehlah update kat blog ni yer...

6. Adjournment of meeting
a. The chairman thanked all members for being present for the day. The meeting was adjourned at 12.00 midnight.

Prepared by : pangaitpangait
Checked by : Mr. President Himself


Naqiuddin Khirrudi said...

congrats on newly appointed president!

Fariz Ramli said...

Congratulations to CAL 2010 Committee! Am very much interested to know more bout item no 4 of the minutes. Can anyone direct me where can i find more information on that. Thanks.

CAL member - farizramli

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